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Faith, Politics on table for Friday lunch [HERE|].

Forum makes strides in bridging the chasm of 'December Dilemma'


"God Squad" joins the Village Square for lunch series on hot topics [HERE|].

Village Square's "God Squad" is on duty for lunch today [HERE|].


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h3. [Faith in the Public Square, 10.28.11 |] {color:#993366}{_}No audio file{_}{color}

h3. [The December Dilemma, 12. 9.11|]

h3. {color:#800080}[Spiritual but not Religious, 1.13.12|]{color}{color:#800080} {color}

h3. *[Faith, Football, Tebow; 2 3.12 |]*

h3. [Does Religion Contribute to the Common Good? 3.2.12|]

h3. [Morality and Faith, 4.20.12|]

h3. [A Discussion on Religious Pluralism, 10.5.12|Do Christians, Jews, and Muslims Worship the Same God?] {color:#993366}{_}No audio file{_}{color}

h3. [Church & State in the 2012 Election, 11.2.12|]

h3. [December Dilemma Redux, 12.7.12|]

h3. [The Most Segregated Hour, 1.11.13|]

h3. [A discussion of Social Justice, 2.8.13|]

h3. [Love, Marriage and Same-Sex Unions, 3.1.13|]

h3. [The Church of Facebook, 4.5.13|]

h3. [Strangers at the Door, A Conversation on Immigration, 10.11.13|]

h3. [After the Trayvon Martin Case, 11.8.13|]

h3. [Faith and Capitalism, 12.6.13|]

h3. [Restorative Justice, 1.10.14|]

h3. [When Religion Becomes Violent, 2.7.14|]

h3. [Gender and Faith, 3.7.14|]

h3. [Character in America, 4.4.14|]

h3. [Us vs. Them, 10.10.14|]

h3. [When God Talks Back, 11.14.14|]

h3. [The Hate Button: How'd we get so mean?  12.12.14|]

h3. [Shameless. 1.9.15|]

h3. [Self-Interest, Self-Help, Selfish? 2.13.15|]

h3. [Faith, Food, Shtick.  3.6.15|]

h3. [Does Hollywood Get God? 4.10.15|]

h3. -[Faith|]-, Food, Food, -Friday,- Food 9.18.15

h3. [Religious Liberty 10.9.2015|]

h3. [Poverty, Race & Our Children 11.13.2015|]

h3. [Racism: The Hidden Wound 12.4.2015|]

h3. [Police and Community 1.8.2016|]

h3. [Raising Our Children 2.5.2016|]

h3. [End of Life Issues 3.4.2016|]

\\ {color:#3366ff}{*}FAITH IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE{*}{color}

[Jon Meacham, writes|]: "On this Presidents' Day, it is worth pausing for a just a moment to consider the history of religious references and the presidency---an act of consideration that I hope helps us keep faith in the public square in proper perspective.

For the wonderful thing about American public religion\- or what Lincoln called our "political religion" - is that its creed is liberty and the rule of law, not coercion or forced belief or a link between one's civil and religious lives. George Washington promised that the government would "give to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance," a promise that I think is as fundamental to America as the promises of the Declaration of Independence.

Liberty and faith, like reason and faith, need not be mutually exclusive. In fact, there is a strong theological argument for freedom of (and from) religion: If God himself did not compel obedience or love, then who are men to try? As Robert Ingersoll, the great 19th century agnostic, once said, it is a poor religion that requires a musket to enforce belief."